[SOLD] Desktop computer for sale

6 core AMD with 16gb of ram, Radeon 580 and can provide 4x500gb drives. Power supply is beefy, and comes with a licensed windows 10

How much?

I know the GPU is probably about half the value. I’ll get model numbers later tonight, but I’m hoping for something in the 600 dollar range if that seems fair; however feel free to make me an offer if that’s not in the cards for you.

XFX RX580 OC+ gpu with 8GB of ram,
1000w EVGA modular power supply
MSA99X Asus motherboard
16gb of ram over 2 8GB sticks, (2 slots unpopulated)
Drives I’m including are 4x matched 500gb drives from a decommissioned NAS I was running

Still for sale? Are the drives HDDs or SSDs? If they are HDDs then are they 3.5-inch or 2.5-inch? What is the height of the drives?

You are 2 weeks too late; this is sold.