[SOLD] Car for Sale, Volvo S70 1998


Hey all,

I am about to take delivery on a replacement car and I wanted to offer my old one up here. It isn’t worth too much more than scrap value, but certainly runs better than something about to be scrapped.

From time to time I see people at VHS looking for a cheap car, so I figured I’d put it out here. I’d rather not deal with Craigslist Drama™ so any reason to keep it from CL would be great :).



@lukeo oh god


Is it a wagon?


Sorry, it wasn’t; this is now gone.


well damn. I saw this when you posted it, but our car seized on us last night and we’re trying to figure out WTF we’re going to do and I remembered this thread. Shame the timing was just a little off. Glad you were able to unload it.