SOLD: $15 RGB LED Xmas Tree Kit - Through Hole Soldering - pick up at vhs

I have one of these kits for sale for $15. Pick up at VHS. Everything is included. PCB is nice n’ solid. Tree runs off USB. Has an on off switch. Just flick the switch to change the light pattern. There are at least 12 patterns included all controlled by an IC.

Source: Here’s a kit built by Packetbob

Here’s video of mine in action.

Everything is included including usb cable.

If you have soldered at least once before this is a great project!

Build Instructions Here:


Highly recommend, I build one last year and it was a lot of fun (a bit of frustration until I realized I’d forgotten to solder the usb). Great way to practice soldering.

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Just bumping this as I will be at VHS this week and can drop this off for you. Here’s a pic of the parts in the kit:

Google Photos

PCB is really good quality.


I’ve made 2 of these and they are a great kit. This time last year my wife took one to her work for her desk and got lots of complements on it.
Even if you are fairly new to soldering you should be able to complete it as long as you use a fine tip on the soldering iron and double check the LED orientation.


Janet will PM you!

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