Shopvac Replacement


VHS has no more working shopvacs. We used to have a couple which were used quite frequently, but they have all died. Currently all is left is a burnt out small one which is also missing a filter. It is collecting dust, and not in the way we want it to.

I’m really glad we have the dust collector, it works great in the woodshop for cleaning up piles of sawdust, but the the large footprint makes it hard to get it out of the woodshop and move around the space to clean up metal shavings from the lathe and stripped wire bits from the electronics area. I’m not even sure if a dust collector should be used for any of this stuff anyways, given that it has a cloth bag.

The primary objective of this purchase is that we have a portable tool we can use to clean up. Ideally it should be able to easily reach places that the 4" hose the dust collector has cannot.

I would like to propose we buy something like this. Total cost to VHS will be ~$100.


I have one of those specific vacs. Compact yet still has good suction on it.


The Ridgid ShopVac looks good; motion to buy seconded.


The old shop vac hoses should fit the new one so keep if we have room in the broom closest. They might be handy to install some vacuum attachments to some of the worse dust offenders in the wood room.


Agreed, definitely need.


Hey folks! I believe the official procedure for this kind of request is to fill out and submit an equipment purchase request form, but in this case, since the dollar value is low, I would personally be OK with someone buying it and submitting a receipt for reimbursement.


The Home Depot up the street has that model usually in stock. If someone can get before the sale is over.


I will purchase after work today.


Don’t pay extra for that exhaust filter that goes on the back. Its not worth it.

Its the filter material they use. Cuts noise by 5% but air flow by 20%. And the filter inside is better anyways. I do have one that I have considered remodeling and 3d printing. something that will fit something for really fine dust. Soon as I find a small filter to fit.


Ordered. Will pick up on weekend.


Nevermind! I just did it after work.

This is the recommended way to store all the accessories.

Note, if you want to vacuum something like water, make sure you take out the filter inside.


Someone should put a prominent sticker on it to that effect. :slight_smile: