Sewing machines


Hey folks, as some of you know, the Singer in the hard case there was donated by my wife a little while back. Her mother recently passed and we inherited her machine, but every time she uses it she gets to thinking about her mom and all that. It’s a solid Kenmore machine, nothing wrong with it other than the emotional baggage it carries. I’d really like to trade the two machines out unless anyone has an objection. I can take the Singer home before the move and bring the Kenmore to the new space. One less thing to move, and my wife won’t get depressed every time she tries to relax and craft.

Are there any objections?


I’m sorry for her loss, 1000x yes is my vote.


@miststlkr of course that is cool imo. Also thanks for the long term loan of the signer and for swapping in the Kenmore. So sorry to hear about Eileen’s Mum and much hugs to her. If there is anything we can do to distract her at the new space – i.e. getting her working on a project there let us know. Maybe it’s time for her to build a Tv-b-gone. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, we can distract her for sure. Does she like hanging drywall?


I’m in a similar place currently, sorry to hear she is going through this as well. Happy to trade machines and thank you much for the loans of sewing machine and serger