Setting up the Vinyl Cutter, Software, Consumables, Training, etc

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Yay we have a Vinyl Cutter.
@iMakeRobots Do you have plans to set up a training session on this tool? I don’t want to step on your toes if you already have something planned.

If you don’t have anything planned, I am volunteering to learn how to use the Vinyl Cutter, set up the software stack, source the consumables, and make a training documents and sessions. Note: I have no experience with a Vinyl Cutter before but I am willing to learn. If there is someone else that is more qualified and willing, I would love to help them.


I was just going to start a topic asking this.
I’d like to try cut a decal or something next time I am at VHS.

I went to Joto Paper on Hartley Ave in Coquitlam and they only have supplies suitable for clothing, not for signs or decals.

Other people have been setting up a computer and moving the cutter around.
I want to make some headway when there is a machine on which I can install
the software (other than my laptop).
Please feel free to go ahead. It is by and for everyone!

I have no experience with this particular cutter but would be happy to learn with you or be a guinea pig for your training session.

I do have some T-Shirt vinyl at home you are welcome to use.


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We got the software and drivers installed on the Solidworks computer. The drivers, the registration, registration again, the software that didn’t work, the plugins for corel that didn’t work, and the software that sort of works. The entire process was a painful one. Most of the instructions are in Chinese or badly translated English, lots of 404s and other problems. We got it installed and moving.

We removed the cutting head and ran a test without the blade attached. its moving. We are going to spend some time reading the Engrish manual before continuing with the blade attached.

Operating this vinyl cutter is not going to be as easy as the laser or the 3D printers.

@Majicj and I took a look at it tonight, and with his advice we were able to get it cutting.

there’s a few ‘surprises’ that’ll have to make it into a training manual, like the cutter using the position of the rollers as limits, or the incredibly weird behaviour of repeat.

If anyone’s interested in cutting paper, we’ll apparently need to pick up a matt, unless there was one that came with the cutter and was put elsewhere?


I’m not sure where to buy mats locally. I get mine online from That’s Scrap Inc.

When the stickiness wears off you can re-sticky these mats with Re-nu sheets.

I’ll bring an old mat in so people can look at or or use it but it’s pretty chewed up.


I brought down a used mat and one sheet of Re-Nu (the stuff that makes paper stick to the mat) and a few sheets of cardstock.



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