Server migration

What’s this about?

Robin has been asking us for a while now to move VHS stuff off his server so he can decommission it. I’m creating this thread as a place to track/report where we stand on the migration.

How does this affect me?

Everything is going to be moved over the next week or two, so in particular you’ll want to get yourself set up on VHS Talk ASAP.

What we got, and where it’s goin’

  • VHS Talk is intended as a replacement for vhs-general and vhs-members. It is functional now, but could use improvements in formatting of incoming email. And maybe the categories could be further rearranged. Also, is it backed up?
  • The directors mailing list (technically, an alias) needs to be migrated somewhere, perhaps a private Google Group? Hopefully the BoD can set up whatever they want.
  • Our PR list needs to be migrated somewhere. It could be a category in VHS Talk, but I’d think we should make that private to a separate ACL of users. We don’t want every member signed up by default, but anyone who wants to be included should be allowed in. However it’s arranged, it has to be something that we can connect to from the website’s contact form, which is currently done via email. And VHS Talk can handle that, but again there’s that formatting issue to be resolved.
  • Our WordPress website needs to be migrated to a new machine. And probably updated to a current WP version.
  • Our docuwiki needs to be migrated, presumably to the same machine as the website. And updated.

Did I miss anything? Other than the Directors’ list, all of these migrations are at least being discussed in the #vhs IRC channel on - if you want to get involved, IRC’s the place to be!