Semi regularly drop box notifications


There is a blue locker at VHS, labelled “Dropbox”

It’s good for leaving this for other people to pick up. Very handy! Please put the recipient’s name and current date on items, and then let them know.

Here is what is currently there, paging who I know:

Stuff for @Hekseskudd

@hjsvhsweb I think

@tdwebste and also maybe @Bobster747

Free Roomba repair stuff! Take what you need

iPhone charger lost-and-found with leather strap

Unlabeled routers (Gonna put these in the three-week bins next week if no information about these comes up)

Emergency Balls (?)

Looks like some book stuff for @Janet and @TyIsI

Nitinol wire or something for @seanhagen

A key!

Teeny tiny 512MB SD cards, a selfie stick end

A flashdrive, 3D printer fan shroud, nice safety glasses, a a NES controller breakout

A (broken?) RasPi camera and 3D printed holder

White PLA of unknown lineage



Thank you! I totally forgot to pick that up and pay for it.
Will write a reminder for the next time I’m in!


Thanks @jarrett - will pick those things up.


I’ll pop by with my little peanut later today!


Jon Erik Johansen


SonicWall can go in the 3 week bin