Seeking 6701ZZ bearings. Got any?

I need 15, please. Any lead will do! Last part missing to finish a Sixi Robot.

I guess the local vendors are out of stock? Motion Canada, Ringball, Pacific Bearing? eBay? McMaster-Carr has them, but they’re $22USD each.

Yes, locals appear to be out. Chinese orders from January have never arrived.
eBay is gouging at $5pp and probably from china, so not a fix. :frowning:

Had a similar problem. I recommend you google search the bearing you looking for and call a Canadian or US seller. If you ship from the US, use a courier.

I was able to find a Canadian seller for the machine screws I needed.

You can probably find it on Amazon, but you will pay extra.

But Amazon is still shipping, ebay is hit and miss even for Canadian, US suppliers.