Rubber handle completely torn from suitcase. what hacks can be done?

I have this suitcase which has a complete torn rubber(?) handle. What sorts of hack can be done to have a handle again?


Perhaps you could carefully drill a screw hole in each side and screw on a fabric handle?

Hi Tristan,
Thanks for your reply. Are fabric handles something is bought or something that can be easily made?

You could probably make one pretty easily with a strip of fabric or canvas. Probably best to take the suggestion with a grain of salt though I’m sure there’s a better solution as I have no real experience with this sort of thing.

Tristan is right, screw is the best way. we should have some strap at the hackspace, or any strap from like a backpack will do.

Use machine screws and nuts, with washers to distribute the clamping. 1"nylon webbing is cheap at outdoors stores.