Richmond Culture Days

Today through Sunday the City of Richmond is sponsoring “Richmond Culture Days” which is sort of like Richmond’s version of the Culture Crawl. There are over 80 free events with many hands-on workshops.

One event in particular that I hope to attend is " Design the car for the future of your city" presented by Victor G. Martinez PhD. I work with Victor. He is a very cool, very passionate designer who has worked all over the world as a designer in the transportation industry and whose interests involve “sustainable, alternative transportation systems”.

The description of his workshop is:

There will be a real-scale layout of a vehicle attached to a wall, where visitors can play with selecting and positioning different elements of a car (wheels, engine, driver, etc.), and “draw” their vehicle with tape. I will be guiding and directing your decisions according to broader aspects of a sustainable, alternative transportation system. Issues related to climate change and mass production/consumerism will be discussed as challenges.


It occurs to me that I never see “producerism” as a word, only “consumerism”.