RFID development - NXP CL RC663


Hi Everyone,

Has anyone worked with this RFID chip on a project before ?


Haven’t yet… But what’s your question?


I basically need to write the code to get this device working over I2C and working with the ISO15693 protocol.

I guess the best way to do this is follow the chips datasheet and write a library according to that protocol and the chips specific command set.

Was wondering if anyone had done something like this and if they were willing to help at all.


There are millions of special-purpose chips to do just about anything, so
the odds are low for someone in this community to have specifically worked
with this chip.


I tend to search Github, and then manufacturers’ websites, in that order,
for some good examples of working drivers.
https://github.com/iwanders/MFRC630 this guy, for example.


That’s fantastic thank you!! Really good starting point.