Research Cybersecurity Job Posting - UBC Advanced Research Computing

UBC Advanced Research Computing is hiring a Sensitive Research Specialist (translation: Security and Privacy Specialist) it’s a unique opportunity to work at the crossroads of HPC, cloud, and research in general. The role supports world class Canadian researchers both within UBC and across the research community.

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Interesting opportunity.

Requires good to excellent knowledge of security regulatory requirements.
Good to excellent knowledge of secure implementations, best practices and and cryptography.

Understanding of proper data anonymization for data used in big data training.
Maybe on a Saturday I would like to make a presentation/discussion on this. What are the fundamental components to training predictive models from user data, and user use of the predictive models without loss of user privacy. First a brief introduction to why user data privacy is important in an ethical democracy.

If the fundamentals are forgotten all the regulations are for not.