Raspberry pi

Hey folks I have a raspberry pi that i barely know how to use and actually use it even less. Its set up as an emulator at the moment but if i recall it wasn’t working all that fantastically. If you want it it its you for $20.

First one to say they want it can take it. I should be down at the shop on Tuesday.


Hey @jeap what model is it?

I am not entirely sure… when i bought it i believe it was the top model that was out… i wanna say 3? Could be 4? I got it about a year and a half ago. Do you know how i would be able to tell.

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If you take the case off it should say on the board. I’m thinking if it’s a year and half ago - it’s probably a version 3.

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Yup i can see some small writing on it that says version 3…

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