Rasberry Pi’s

Hi everybody. So some time ago (in the olden time days prepandemic, and yet some time before that) i believe there were rasberry pi’s available in the vending machine.

I kinda need a rasberry pi suddenly, and i’ve actually never owned one before (borrowed and played with, yes). One of the newer ones with wifi (not the 0) but other than that, I’m not picky.

Is this magic vending machine still a thing? And if so I guess all i need to do is make arrangements with a member? If not, can someone educate me on where I can get one? Other than amazon, unless that’s the only way…

It’s of course possible that they are currently a pandemic shortage and people will laugh at this and if so, that’s ok! I will laugh along with them!

Thanks everybody.

BTW, a quick P.S. Way back in those olden time days my dad was in the hospital and a particular ipad mount was kind of key to his world because he couldn’t hold and operate an ipad at the same time. And he kept taking the thing apart. (The mount, thankfully not the ipad!), I don’t know why, but the anasthetic did not do well with him for his stay. But anyways, there was a weird spring in the mount that was key and it got lost one time and made the whole thing useless and we had trouble replacing it. You guys (I guess a particular member in the moment it would have been, but really, y’all) were kind enough to let me come in and browse your spring collection for one that would work, and I found one and it made a difference in his life and those around him including mine. Just a small thing, a big difference, and… well, there was a lot going on right then so I never really got around to saying thank you. But thank you.


Welcome to the forum, Omid!

I got an old Rasperry Pi lying around, probably doesn’t have Wifi, but I’m not sure.
It says “Raspberry Pi Model B+ V1.2” on it.

Let me know if it is of use for you. May or may not still work.

We got a bunch of old raspberry pi donated to us recently. They are in their own bin on the electronics wall. I’m not sure if any of them have wifi since they are all very old…

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Cool, you know, the thing i’m trying to do, when i think about it, i can totally do it without the wifi.

So i guess not to be presumputuous (never can spell that word), are these an offer to gift or sell? And if sell, how much? I mean honestly, I would love to get my hands on 2, even old ones, because the first once it’s done is going to my mum so it would be nice to have one to play with myself longer term.

I’m around and available any and all times really (well I say that but as is convenient for you is what I mean).

And I’m replying to both of you for sure, thank you Stefan, thank you Brian for the replies and such. And I’m clear no guarantee’s on the working part.


Hey Omid,

If you come in on Tuesday I will show you where they are. You ca just use them to try on your project. These are pretty old and we don’t guarantee they still work, but you are welcome to try them out.

Don’t worry about cost, but next time you order some electronics, or we are trying to get a group buy together, just pitch in a little bit. We operate on the principle of encouraging people to be generous and that has worked out pretty well for us so far.


I suspected that was the world of what was being offered, but again, i didn’t want to make assumptions. And thank you!

Hey, TODAY is tuesday… Do you mean that Tuesday?? (Obviously I assume you mean a more sane time of the day of course!). That would be super exciting. And I would love to, when you have more info about what timing might work for you, let me know!

What you suggest as the best way of sorting out the “working or non working” status. I mean I could bring things to test them (I mean, and obviously you’d also have power supplies/monitors/whatever to test there being what you are), but I’m equally good with taking 2 or 3 and testing at home, but you know better than me, what would be the preference of you, the space, etc…. (Also, if I test at home I don’t have to fumble around with anything, pretending to know what I’m doing, which is a big bonus )


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I do mean today, I will be at the space from 4pm to 9pm tomorrow, though i will be running the table saw training from 5:30 - 7. So drop by when you want.

If you want to test a couple of them, great. It would be nice to have the working ones labeled and the non-working ones trashed.

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That’s a great idea — I could totally test a bunch. Maybe not as many as I’d like to (I’m up way past my bedtime tonight and have a few things to do in the morning — tomorrow is mostly a “nap with the kitty” kind of day — so my energy level or more to the point my wakefullness level will be more limited) but yeah, a bunch for sure;

I’m assuming the suggestion is it might be easier if I show up outside of your saw training, like before or after. Correct me if I misunderstood please.

Finally, and of course I’ll sort myself out with this, but where do people normally park their bikes around there? (And I definitely will be responsible for my own bike I just wanted to see what the resident knowledge looks like.)

Thanks so much. I’m excited that I can start on the thing so soon. I appreciate your (plural, you specifically and others’s) eagerness. It kind of feels like there is a real community there of some form. That is super appealing.


I should have been more clear, I wouldn’t put a price on such an old pi. Looks like we got plenty at the space already. If I don’t forget about it, I’ll put mine in the box with the others next time I visit.

Yeah, come outside of table saw training hours please. or else you would have to wait until table saw training is done.

So I got called in to work, I’m just leaving now, heading that way, I’ll probably get there like at 8:30, which is later than I was hoping. Anyways, I’ll have a chance to at least hello.


I got here, at 855 mind you, and apparently you’re gone! Which is cool because when I found you I was going to say “I kinda of liked your idea of testing a bunch of those Rasberry pi’s as some sort of contribution, and there’s not time now, is there Another opportunity or time you’ll be in?”

So I’m kind of saying the same thing here. Let me know, I can make it at a more precise time, and I was hoping to come back anyways to do what there wasn’t enough time to do by the time I arrived tonight.

I’m open to anyone else picking up the ball too!

Bye for now…

Hey sorry, I had to leave early cause family had a thing. Did you find the Pis?

It’s all good, I was out of energy by the time I arrived but I just wanted to show up. I didn’t go in, I kind of hung out at the door until someone was coming out and talked to them and i told them I was going to meet you and they said you were gone. I didn’t want to impose myself on another member.( I guess the doorbell doesn’t work or I wasn’t pressing it right! :slight_smile: )

Let me know next time you’re in, i don’t live far and I’m often home (in the winter anyways, which it Seems has arrived.)

Again no worries at all!

I will be at the space again tomorrow from 2pm to like 7 pm, if you want to drop by.

Like as in today, the 24th? If so I’ll stop by around 3! Do I just go to the front door and buzz or what?

Hey Omid, we keep missing each other for some reason.
Yes simply go to the front door. There is a door bell and ring it. Someone will come and get you. I will be at the space for sure again next Tuesday from 5:30 to 9. Came and join me.