Protocycler for sale

Hello! I have a first generation Redetec Protocycler I’d like to sell. I’ve only briefly tinkered with it, so it’s basically new. It’s a great device for recycling PLA scraps and misprints back into filament. I paid just over $900 USD. Make me an offer!

  1. Donate to VHS
  2. ???
  3. Profit!

No idea if we have a use but we sure do have lots of scrap plastic and pla around I wonder if you could sell recycled spools at VHS.

I’m not interested in donating it, as I paid out of pocket for the device. I don’t expect to get my purchase price back, but don’t want to be left completely empty handed.

Yep hopefully someone has an interest and need for it, I was kidding with the old 3 steps to success. If only it was that easy.