Proposal: Secret Bookcase Door


Hi all,

I’m interested in building a secret bookcase door as the door that separates the upper offices at Venables from the rest of the VHS space:

I think it would be a fun project that would be an interesting feature to spark visitor’s imaginations. I’d pay for the materials myself, and would be getting some guidance from a veteran woodworker.

What do folks think? Does anyone have any serious objections to it?



sounds like a great project for steve’s woodworking 201


I totally love this idea and want to see it at the space. The only tiny thing I’m wondering about is access to the front door in case of fire and the fact it’s a non-standard door. Sorry - I may be overly bikeshedding this which I don’t want to do because this project is so fun/harry-potter ish. I definitely want it to happen.


Let me re-phrase that as - is fire exit a worry? If not - forge on with awesomeness!


It’s a fair question. From the back side of the door it would function as “push to open.”

We could put the appropriate exit signage on the back of the door-shelf without detracting from the front appearance


That would be awesome