Projector for the crafting table

It seems like we have been donated a projector. This is in addition to the small projector we already have and have been using for presentations. I have tested it and it does work. My idea for the projector is to mount it on the ceiling above the crafting table, pointed down. This way, we can project images on to the table to make tracing easier. There is currently no good way to mount the projector in this configuration, but that is something that should be pretty easy to figure out. What does everyone think about this idea?

I think @JohnC brought it to the space, he seemed to be working on a mount for it as well. It looks higher spec than the other one we had, my 2c would be to use the new one for presentations/parties and the old one for the crafting table idea.

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My logic around this topic is the the new one is bulkier, and harder to move. Where is the old one and nice and portable. However I am happy with either solution.

My thought is to use new one for for “common use”, older one for the crafting table. I’ve never used the projector, so have no real knowledge of them, so perhaps those who have / do use it could let us know which one they’d prefer to have for regular use; ie: “This one is way simpler to use, I prefer it at ground level”.

Whichever gets mounted above the table, is there a built-in way to scale the image as needed, or would a height adjustment be required?

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Height adjustment would not be needed. It is easier to adjust the image on the screen until they are at the right scale. We simply need to put in the image a reference ruler and zoom in until it is the right size as a real ruler.

One thing i am worried about is throw distance. Ceiling is 8 foot above the crafting table and that might not be enough distance to get a large image. There are also some ducts in the way, which might cut into the throw distance even further. I will go in today to do some testing on the throw distance difference between the 2 projectors.

fwiw VHS operates in the spirit of do-ocracy.

If anything you do at or for the space can be undone in under 4 hours then does it does not need discussion/approval by general membership.


I just wanted to say that I like this idea, and if we get it working, it could potentially be used for other things (project a game board, perhaps?)

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Though i can just do it, it is always good to take a little bit of time to hear everyone out. Though so far the feedback has been universally positive. So I think I move forward with the project.

Went to the hackspace and ran some tests. We can see the smaller projector has a shorter throw distance, meaning the image is larger. We can see from this test here, 8 feet away from the screen (which is high of the ceiling above the crafting table. , the projected image is 5.5 feet wide.

The larger projector from the same distance project an image that is 3.8 feet wide. but the image is brighter.

From this testing. I think I will the the smaller projector. It is also easier to mount in the proper configuration.

I spoke to @packetbob, at the hackspace today. And we talked about mounting the project screen above the crafting table, to make it easier to use for workshops. I will put that into action as well.

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Clearly what is needed is to mount the projector to the ceiling horizontally, and install a hinged mirror on the ceiling that can be deployed at a 45 degree angle to intercept the projected beam and toss it onto the craft table. Raising the mirror would allow it to hit a screen instead.


What a preposterous idea. No motors? No Blinkenlights? Not even a gerbil in a lion costume anywhere in the plan! What HAS the hack space come to?

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Covid has stolen our dreams. Truly this is the darkest timeline.

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At that point we are building forbidden temple puzzles… OMG We need to build Forbidden Temple Puzzles.

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I mean… Now that those five words have been combined in that order, perhaps for the first time in history, I really want to see a gerbil in a lion costume…

Sorry for the derail, I think it was pretty much unanimously agreed before I jumped in.

I didn’t bring the projector in, but I did bring in a ceiling mount with a 4 foot pipe extension with the intent of pointing it towards the big retractable screen in the lounge area.

I think I agree with you that maybe we can use the old projector for craft purposes. I think the new one might be better suited on the ceiling mount I brought in and pointed at the big screen in the lounge area.

The new projector is a Sony VPL-FE40
Here are some of the specs:
Resolution: SXGA+ (1400 × 1050)
Light output: 4000 ANSI lumens
Projected picture size: 40 to 600-inches (1,016 to 15,240mm)

I’m not sure what size screens we have, but here are some sample throw distances for different sizes of screens:
40-inch (1,016 mm): 1.5 to 1.9 m (4.9 to 6.2 feet)
60-inch (1,524 mm): 2.3 to 2.9 m (7.4 to 9.5 feet)
80-inch (2,032 mm): 3.0 to 3.9 m (9.9 to 12.7 feet)
100-inch (2,540 mm): 3.8 to 4.8 m (12.5 to 15.9 feet)
150-inch (3,810 mm): 5.7 to 7.3 m (18.8 to 23.9 feet)
200-inch (5,080 mm): 7.7 to 9.7 m (25.2 to 32.0 feet)
300-inch (7,620 mm): 11.6 to 14.6 m (37.9 to 48.0 feet)
400-inch (10,160 mm): 15.4 to 19.5 m (50.6 to 64.1 feet)
500-inch (12,700 mm): 19.3 to 24.4 m (63.3 to 80.2 feet)
600-inch (15,240 mm): 23.2 to 29.4 m (76.0 to 96.3 feet)

So I the measured the projector screen the other day: it’s 49"x88" (100"diagonal, 16:9 aspect ratio).

The projector is 4:3 aspect ratio, so the projected image is going to be 88" wide, with about 8.5" of bleed above and below the white portion of the screen.

The projector should be mounted 165" to 193" from the screen (or ideally 179")

I’ll be at the space on Friday, so I’ll attach the fancy projector mount to the ceiling then. The 4 foot pipe extension should allow the projector to clear the ventilation ducts, but I’ll probably have to relocate the 3D printed lanterns.