Print and Hang a SHHH Poster at your work/school/etc

Help us promote our upcoming open house and SHHH by printing and posting a poster in suitable/permitted locations at your job, community center, and any other location you think would be good.

We’ll also have several hundred printed posters at VHS in the next few days (thanks @Metal_Janet). If you’re coming in, please grab a physical poster as well and help us get the word out!

Help us celebrate 10 years of VHS!

Poster Downloads and SHHH Announcement Info:

Poster (jpg)
Poster (tif):
Announcement (doc)


Check out these beautiful postcards for promoting VHS. Pick some up next time you are at the space. Printed posters will also be at the space shortly.

Thanks to @dbynoe and @Metal_Janet for this awesome design.


Super fab letter size posters are now at the space!!! Pic yours up and help us let the world know about our big party on the 21st. Thanks to @metal_janet for getting these printed and also a shout out to Minuteman Press for super-fast printing.

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bump - just a reminder you can print these posters also.