Please Claim (or Reclaim) Your Locker


Thirty one


22 is ours msearra/Lukesearra we are sharing the locker and it’s currently in use.


Replying for Greg Harker Tank guy locker 40. Says tank guy on it.


40 please thanks TankGuy

Thanks for the heads up David


Replying for @emerson as he does not frequent talk. He was using his locker as of this past Monday


Yep still using my Locker. #32 I think. Left side of the drop box


So do we have available lockers? And is it free or for donation/rent?


Here is the updated list:

Locker # Member
1 lukecyca
2 lukeo
3 lukecyca
5 SeanPo
6 JDMc
9 Rebel_without_Clause
10 Majicj
11 tdwebste
13 Miststlkr
14 faja66
15 faja66
17 xquared
18 Emerson
19 baptiste
21 Logan_Buchy
22 msearra/Lukesearra
24 mike (mikepekes)
25 Open (toma)
26 SignGuy (pending)
28 KevMacD
30 toma
31 Jarrett
32 DanielDeGagne
35 Gibbtall
36 Laftho
39 Jade
40 TankGuy
41 SteveRoy
42 Andrew H.
43 Janet
44 Andrew (silversmith)

I thank all that have responded, and remind you to please post both your name and a method of contact on your locker. This will be very important when VHS moves and will allow us to ensure no-one’s possessions get
lost during the move.

I have still been unable to reach the following people

@Jade, @goldfish, @billtubbs, @swingfroggy, @JayTheDude
Rob Volo and David Lowy

My next steps are

  1. poster those unknown lockers
  2. reach out to the Board of Directors to contact those folks

For people interesting in getting any available lockers, please be patient a bit longer .


I do have a locker with stuff in it; I do not remember the locker number. I will need to come down to refresh my memory of which one it is; it is one of the smaller blue ones.

I’ll try to come tonight (Tuesday Feb. 13). It may be time for me to empty it. I will also need to stuff $ to the Donatio box for the part use of the locker.



As a Discourse admin I can see the emails they signed up with; would you like me to send them a note?


Thanks @Arrgh, that would be really helpful


Locker 2 and 4 are mine


Sent this to Jade, Bill, Jay, David Lowy and Rob Volo.

Subject: Vancouver Hack Space locker cleanup!

Hey folks,

The Hack Space is going to need to move in the next year or so, and as part of the process of preparing for that, we’re trying to remove a lot of random stuff that’s been left at VHS over the years.

Why are you receiving this email? At least one of the lockers at VHS has your name on it, and I was able to look up your email address.

Please let us know whether you think there might be something in there you’d like to keep, or you’re confident there’s nothing you want.


–Alex Cruise, board member


Much appreciated!


Locker confirmed. Will probably also finish painting it at some point too. :stuck_out_tongue:


I confirm that locker #16 is mine.



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