Parking Tickets

Unknown grill

This grill does not belong here. Whoever owns this please take it home.

AndroidLx’s Grill

@AndroidLx this has been here for a long time. Please take it home ASAP.

Shane’s oven

@macintoshsj please remove this ASAP.

Monitor on electronics chair


Power bank project

@JohnC this project is now 9 months. Please take it home.

Iron boards and card table in lounge

Lounge is unusable. Please remove these iron boards, card table, etc.

Ty’s LED and materials

@TyIsI some of this appears to be yours. Please take it home so we can sort through the rest of this pile.


I presume the ironing boards see occasional use with those who use the sewing areas but I don’t really know why we have two ironing boards either.

Hi Luke, the unknown grill is the smaller replacement for the one we got rid of. It belongs to VHS. Jarrett brought it in. There was consensus to downsize the BBQ in this post: VHS Equipment Review - June 2024 - #29 by JohnC

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That monitor on the chair is actually a PC (with a touch screen) that I put in the FreeCycle pile many months ago… I`d say it can go back in the FreeCycle shelf…

Beware as it weighs a ton…


Whoopsie, forgot about that! I’ll come pick it up in the next couple hours.


Thanks, yeah I was starting to mess around a bit with it for a Home Assistant touchscreen panel for Smartspace but it doesn’t have an easy way to mount it to a wall. A cheap android tablet might work better for this purpose. Freecycle it

@AndroidLx - are you referring to the touch screen PC? I have left it in the server room. Confirm you are taking it and if not I’ll freecycle it

Yeah, I don’t know why we have more than one ironing board either. They used to slide in next to the sewing table, I think, so they were more or less out of the way.

We can freecycle all but one.

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I think he meant the bbq

Pretty sure Shane’s oven sees regular use and is regularly used by other members too.

Shane has two ovens at the space. One is likely enough. :slight_smile:

Ah, that I didn’t know.
Makes sense now :slight_smile:

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  • :warning: VHS Grill: still on the upstairs table. I still think we should find a better storage location for this.
  • :white_check_mark: AndroidLx Grill: has been taken home - thanks!
  • :warning: Shane’s oven: I saw that it has been put on the freecycle shelf now.
  • :white_check_mark: Monitor on Electronics chair: no longer there and I don’t see it anywhere else around VHS
  • :white_check_mark: Power bank project: no longer there
  • :stop_sign: : Iron boards in lounge: one has been moved by the sewing machine, but the other is still on the couch. They are labeled “clean” and “messy” irons. Could the sewing committee decide if we need both? Let’s please find a safer spot to store them, or get rid of one.
  • :white_check_mark: Pile by the side door: Ty removed some stuff, I put a bit more unlabeled random pieces of wood in the nearest WUT bin, and what’s left is tidy and labeled.

I picked it up from the free-cycle shelf a week ago. If it did not belong there and somebody else owns it, I am happy to hand it over to them.

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