Our xcarve milling machine


Hey, how do we go about getting training on that xcarve machine we’ve got in the wood shop. I’ve got a skateboard deck that needs to be milled and I’m hoping that I can use it. @Lukeo that’s your machine, right?


I’m starting to help here and there, but full-on training schedule is unknown at the moment, Luke might have a better sense.

If you already Mach3 experience (such as the Taig) training will be a lot easier/quicker; as it is a lot of the same concepts.

Do you already know how to run the Taig?


Yup, I’ve been trained on the cnc machine by @Gear105.

Basically I just need to mill a hole in a skateboard for a 7" x 11" pan with a 0.5" flange.

I talked to @Lukeo and he gave me some more details. You coming the the space one of these evenings this week?


I’ll be there tomorrow at 7pm to show @Rebel_without_Clause the ropes. Come on down and we’ll go over what I know to be different and considerations. Luke is still the prime source of knowledge and will have to cover any gaps I have, but I’ve successfully used it on a few projects so far.