Open VR Headset Call for Interest

Alex from AheadGarage is looking to see if there’s any interest in running a workshop for their OpenSource VR Headset called “Flake”. Let me know here or via DM if you are interested in a future workshop and we can coordinate a date based on interested parties.

This is their description.

Flake is an open-source AR developer kit with easy Unity and SteamVR integration we are also working on an Unreal integration. The project is a spin off of the Project North Star v3.2 headset started from Leap Motion now Ultraleap.


With the Intel® RealSense™ Tracking Module T261 as 6-DOF sensor and Ultraleap’s Leap S170s hand-tracking sensor packed under one lid, Flake is a great platform for developer. It also comes with the Integrator, a custom-built USB Hub System with Integrated Arduino, Flash Drive, and built-in programmable buttons. The buttons can do whatever you want—but come per-programmed for adjusting optical ergonomics factors, like IPD and eye position relative to the lenses.

Flake is designed to be modular, and with the intention to be completely open, software and hardware wise.

Components & features:

Hand-tracking sensor: Ultraleap S170
6-DOF sensor: Intel® RealSense™ Tracking Module T261.
Displays: BOE 3.5inch, 1440x1600px, 120FPS
FoV: up to 100° diagonal

Price: 1480$ CAD (Shipping Included) All the funds are towards opensource projects.
The Kit comes with all parts, screws, 3D printed parts, electronics and sensors.
Pictures of the assembled headset attached. We can print it with any PLA filament available here


looks super interesting!
sadly, Don’t have 1.4k to drop on a kit.

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