Open house updates?

The calender says the Tuesday open house was meant to resume on May 5th. Im just looking for an update so I can come by and check out the shop and even start tinkering on some projects. Thanks!

Hi and welcome! We are actively working on getting a plan together to be able to resume activity at the Space in a safe and socially distanced manner, in accordance with the stages that the provincial government has laid out. I’ll make sure you get a notification when we have something more concrete, which should be some time this week.


To add to this thread: the twitter open house announcements are being sent out.
I got one for Sunday and for today. Not sure who is in charge of that account or whether these announcements have been sent out all along. I don’t check my Twitter account every day.

These are also being sent out as Facebook messages. Until we are ready to present events to the public again, the calendar integration should probably be disabled.

I believe @dbynoe is attacking that problem as we speak.

I bumped all the calendar things until June.