On boot Ubuntu kernel panic problem - can you help?


After a power failure my Ubuntu 16.04 server is having an on-boot kernel panic. The box is so old I need a PS2 keyboard to interrupt the boot process. I plan to bring it to VHS as they have a number of older keyboards, some of which might help.

Would you have an Ubuntu boot CD and the know how to help me get this thing running again, please? I will gladly work to your schedule.


Most likely it’s filesystem, based on message and description of cause.
Not sure when I’ll be at VHS next, I’ll let you know if I am. In the meantime, try to run any filesystem tools on it if you can, like fsck


thanks! Box is so old it doesn’t respond to USB keyboards. Still hunting for a PS2 kb or a PS2/USB adapter. will post again when i have results.


Sounds weird.

Can you boot any of the old kernels?


Aaaaaand now it doesn’t even turn on. what the heck…


I’ve had this problem myself. For me it was a hard drive failure. Do you know if this system way setup in a raid?


it was not set up in a raid.

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