Offering old maker-related t-shirts for a project

Hey folks. I’m going through my wardrobe and found a bunch of old maker tee-shirts I’m likely going to get rid of, but thought someone might have an idea for a VHS project for them. Turn them into pillows for the couch, hang them up on the wall or from the rafters like retired jerseys, make a tapestry/quilt out of them… I don’t know… something… It’s a mix of Vancouver Mini Maker Faire, Maker Shed/Make Magazine, Instructables, Spark Makerspace (out east) in XL and XXL. I think there are six, but I haven’t finished going thru the pile yet. Notably missing, I don’t have any of the old VHS shirts so maybe if a project comes from this, someone might donate one to the cause?

Anyway, if someone has an idea for a VHS decoration/project they are willing to take on using the shirts, let’s hear it.

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I can turn them into pillows or possibly voodoo dolls :slight_smile:

6 is probably not enough for a quilt.

I have also, in the past, cut designs out of t-shirts and just stuck them in frames to hang on the wall.


guess I was thinking maybe more of a banner than a quilt, exactly… but yeah… I’ll see what else I come across and put all of the maker-y ones together to drop off.


Here is what I ended up finding. All are 2XL. I thought there was another but I must have already gotten rid of that one.

If you want to use them for something for the space, I’ll drop them off.

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Thank you! I will be at the space on the 18th and maybe this weekend - if you could leave them in the drop box that would be awesome!

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