Newbie Request/Project: Unsoldering, cleaning, resoldering mechanical keyboard


First time posting a project, and maybe this is the overly officious way of going about it, so apologies if I’m Doing This Wrong.

Looking for a little “Day 1” help with unsoldering a mechanical keyboard that had an unexpected drink of coffee. It’s about 99 percent operational again now, with lights and everything except for two keys that’re kiiiinda flakey (h & 8), and one that doesn’t work AT ALL (z). Normally, with a $20 keyboard I’d just swap out and FreeGeek the old one, but this is a $100+ Logitech G610 that has already been replaced at full price, so I’m hoping to at least make the damaged one useful to somebody again.

Looks like the mechanical switches are pretty easy to take apart and clean, but the switches are soldered in locked position to the circuit board, so while the keycaps pop off no problem for cleaning, the switches themselves have to be unsoldered to open/clean/replace.

I’m wondering if there’s someone who could offer a little “first time doing this - here’s how to not wreck it” support to an old tech who usually stops repairs at the “unscrew & unsnap” layer, and help me get into the “intentionally melting stuff” layer.


You should watch a few youtube videos on soldering/desoldering, then come on down on a Tuesday night. There are some people around usually if you need more help, but the videos will get you a running headstart. Then just practice on open house night.

We have a hot air reflow station.


Hi John :slight_smile:


We can definitely help and this is exactly the kind of request we love. There are also a few people around who are into mechanical keyboards. Definitely come in on a Tuesday as Jarrett said and we’ll get you going. Cheers!


Hi Alex. Captain my captain.

Of course you’re a director here. I think I even knew that.


I’ve watched a y’tube video or two about making this exact sort of repair, and that’s what gave me the gumption to think “Well, I can do that” so yes, absolutely. Challenge accepted. I’ll come down on a Tuesday night with some $$$ in hand for membership and such, and try my hand at repairing a single switch (seems the keys that were kinda sticky are now working again, leaving only that pesky Z mute).


Thanks Janet. Good to know I won’t cause too much eye-rolling by asking about what seems like small beans.

It’d be pretty magic beans to me.


No worries @zenrender. Everyone has their own magic beans at VHS. :slight_smile: