New Member :)

Hi, my name is Edmond and I just recently joined. I work for a company as the Assistant Designer that makes most CW superhero, TV shows, and movies costume in Vancouver. If anyone needs help in the pattern and sewing department ect… I’m more than happy to share my knowledge :slight_smile:

I’m interested in learning a lot of things in VHS and excited to meet talented people!

Anyways, If anyone would like to teach me about the Laser cutter and Vinyl cutter… Please let me know!
I’ll come in this Sunday!


Oh this is right up my ally.

Hi My name is Yeung and and I do a lot of sewing and costume making at the hackspace.

We made the Totoro Costume seen murdering me here.

I would love to talk to you about pattern drafting techniques. I also know how to use the vinyl cutter so I can show you this Sunday, Look forward to meeting you.