New member rate is going up October 1st, 2018. Sign up now to save 50%!


Did you know VHS rates are unifying and all membership levels (both standard and keyholder) will be $60/month for all new signups starting October 1st, 2018?

Take advantage of our old rate! If you sign up now for a new membership it will be only $30/month!

So if you’ve been thinking of becoming a new member, now is the time!

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If someone joins at $30 today, how long will that rate be grandparented?


That’s a good question. I’m assuming that rate is good until a new member is vetted for keyholder after 2months? I don’t know for sure though. @laftho?


Simply put the old non-keyholder membership is no longer available. New people sign up as a full member and after their 2 months they go through vetting to get keys.

Anyone signing up before Oct 1st may still sign up as a non-keyholder member at the $30 rate. These will be honored until the next AGM (approximately 1 year from now) or until the member upgrades to full member and/or has a disruption in subscription (they wont be able to resubscribe to the old rate)


Just gonna bump this - there is only 1 week left until this sign up rate for new members increases. After that new membership goes up to 60/month .Get in now for $30/month. Also please pass this on to anyone you know who may have been thinking of signing up.



There was a problem with the signup page which has been fixed. If you are still wanting to sign up before our rates go up on Monday, please do!


Rate goes up tomorrow!