New acrylic bender

Hi all!

I will be building a new Acrylic/Plexiglass bender, as I cannot find this one:
It will live in the workshop once done

If anyone knows where it is, please comment here so we don’t end up with two!


That’s awesome thanks @Igkeroack. I haven’t seen that in a while so it may have gotten lost in a move.

Ah bummer, I lent that to a member and was hoping to get it back. Oh well! if you need any tips on building the new one, just let me know.

It might still be here! Who did you lend it to?

Looking back at my emails, that was FOUR YEARS AGO!!! Man, where does the time go!?? Anyway, no worries. If it shows up at some point, think of me when you use it :slight_smile:

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