Network attached storage - which would you get?


Now that my home server’s HD has failed, it’s time to upgrade to a more robust solution. Amazon is recommending

and my brother-in-law has an older model Drobo

I’ve never owned a NAS before. I know I want RAID>0 and hot-swapping would be cool. Other than that I’m clueless. What model would you get? Trying to keep the budget <$1000.


Less than $1000 including drives? How much storage space do you need.


not including drives.


It’s been years since I bought one, but there was one issue that I wish I’d have known before buying: Some NAS store the data on the disk using some proprietary filesystem / encryption. Raid protects you from disk failures, but if the NAS itself breaks, you might not be able to get the data off the disks unless you put them in a replacement NAS that is compatible.
That NAS I bought 5+ years ago is long out of production. If it ever fails, I don’t expect I’ll be able to get the data out.

Also, I’ve never used it for anything but windows / linux network filesystem. Those consumer NAS are full with with weird features that don’t really have anything to do with storage. You won’t see a professional NAS with itunes support. But maybe you have use for this. I just wonder how secure my NAS is with all those unused features that never got security updates.


Great points. I don’t like the drobo because proprietary RAID, and I don’t like the terramaster because lots of shit I don’t need = security problems.


I have installed a few of the Netgear ReadyNAS devices.
I use them for backup rather than storage though.
I use either 2TB or 4TB NAS rated hard drives mirrored.

I set them up so they email me (and/or my client) alerts when things happen.
Also for backup I use the builtin FTP server vs SMB for the backups, that way ransomware won’t get to the backups.


I have an older Intel SS4000-e NAS. It works fine. Currently configured with 250gb x4 drives. But it’s configurable with larger drives. Supports multiple RAID configurations. I upgraded to a different system so it’s just sitting around.

If you are interested it’s yours for a $100.


Yes, I’m interested. Are they hot-swappable? Does it come with documentation? Can I pick it up Tuesday night?


Yes it’s got hotswappable drives.

Here is the product page. You should be able to find all of the info there

Tuesday might work. Let me get back to you on that.


I’ve been using a QNAP TS-421 NAS RAID system with four 4TB drives for a few years and it has been pretty reliable. Drives are hot swappable. Not sure if the RAID system is proprietary or not. I’m running a RAID-5 configuration. I think I got it at Memory Express.


QNAP TS-451 here… It was reliable, and the software is pretty good, and updated frequently, but one of the drive bays started to flake out so right now it’s in the mail back to QNAP. Decent warranty and customer support.

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