Nerf game series 2019


Some VHS members have expressed interest in participating in the nerf battles that take place in the lower mainland. The dates for all of these have just been decided. Games generally take place in Central Park, near the upper pond.

These games usually have a communal dart bin. If you don’t have a blaster, just ask, I have plenty to lend out. Eye protection is mandatory. The events are for all ages, but children must be supervised.

Dates are as follows:
Monday, May 20
Sunday, June 9
Monday, July 1
Sunday, July 14
Monday, August 5
Sunday, August 18
Monday, September 2
Sunday, September 15

Come out and run around. Feel like a kid again. Hope to see some VHS members out there!


Is there a website to register?


Forgot to mention, these games are all organized through the BC Nerf Alliance facebook group:

Event links are on this page.


Must you use a stock nerf blaster, or could we make a VHS-esque blaster? :stuck_out_tongue:


There are FPS limits, I believe most games are at 150 FPS or below, although there may be some special games held with a higher FPS limit for the hardcore players. No modified darts are allowed.


Any rules about automated targeting? :wink: