Need some small vinyl cuts


Howdy hackers. Looking for someone who either has a small vinyl cutter or knows the proper arcane incantations to work the one at the space. I have a couple of small projects I need cut. It’ll require some black and silver adhesive vinyls and some 2" or larger transfer tape. I can provide vector artwork and a little something for your trouble. If you can sort me out, please DM me and we can talk details. Thanks


I recall that @xquared might have gotten this working?


Thanks folks. I have a few messages from members who can hook me up, so I think I have it covered. I always admire the wide diversity of skills we have brought together here. Cheers.


i bought new blades, but despite what the website said, it was the wrong size
so back at square one for sourcing new blades


What size blades are needed? I may have one that you can use.


the vinyl cutter we have takes 2.5mm which is highly unusual.
i am trying to get VHS a steady supply that isn’t going to break the bank


The ones I have are 1.92mm. Yeah blades are not cheap.
I was thinking folks would buy their own. Perhaps a group buy?


i am trying to source it somewhere cheap. which is part of the issue.


I’m sure you’ve already checked out Aliexpress vinyl cutter blades


that’s where the wrong sized ones came from


Maybe this?
Says 2.5mm in description


what i was trying to say is that the blades i ordered claimed to be 2.5mm but was in fact not. i don’t trust ordering from Aliexpress for something like this


Is it possible to change the blade holder to one that uses 2mm blades?