Need some assitance getting a device repaired - Skulpt Chisel

This is the device I have, the Skulpt Chisel

And I suspect the batteries are at the end of life as it’s not charging anymore, comes on for a couple seconds then goes off. I also ripped off one of the SMT LED’s when opening the case.

Video and Pics below.

Looking for someone that can acquire and replace the batteries and resolder the LED at the top. Most of my soldering gear is deep in storage and don’t have any experience with SMT.

I checked with Lee’s about batteries but they don’t have any in stock with the spot welded terminals and no eta either

Happy to pay in Cash, Beer etc to get this done if someone has the time/inclination.

If no one wants to fix it. I can probably fix it for a bowl or two of rice and some boba.

Assuming it’s just a battery replacement and also led resolder.

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@hjsvhsweb first step would be to locate replacements for those batteries. You’d need to make sure they’re the same size - they look like 18650 with inbuilt protection - they’re quite long from looking at the photo.

There are two places on Boundary near 1st worth trying

They are 10440 cells. I think it’s size of aa batteries meow

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Polar of course. I’ve literally been shopping there for more than a decade but for much larger lead acid, AGM, etc batteries for alarms, cars and UPSes.

Will wonder down there today or tomorrow.

@KittyCat, yes they look just like AA batteries in size. Also what is boba?

Boba is what keeps me alive. It’s a very popular drink?

@hjsvhsweb i will maybe go to vhs tomorrow(weather depending) i can probably fix it there if you have all the parts

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Thanks and no joy. Haven’t got batteries yet, Polar didn’t have them either with or without the spot welded pins and suggested Vancouver Batteries (who i should have called first), doesn’t have any either but he suggested these which I’ll order.



Batteries just arrived, now to find a supply of Boba :wink:


Meow. Got sidetracked by a red dot. Sorry.

I may be at vhs on Tuesday after 2:30 if you can meat and I fix the thing. I’m not sure how mobile I will be because of the snow though.

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Red Dot… LOL

That time might work. Found my Weller WLC-100 in storage and even on max it’s
not really melting either leaded or lead-free solder so it’s out of
commission :frowning:

Looking up Boba, that’s bubble tea from what I can see but there are so many
kinds and flavours, what do you actually like? Or are you referring to the
actual tapioca pearls?

Ah. Meow. There’s snow. Wednesday most likely. unless you ant to bring to my house area in marpole

The dot is scary… you never know when itll appear… and then disappears!!! im not sure whats happening…

Let’s see what the weather brings tomorrow (and Wednesday). Marpole is fine, if road conditions permit. The last couple days on the road have been “interesting”…

Do you prefer vhs or marpole? I need to be at vhs probably on Wednesday also.

No real preference, Marpole just happens to be more convenient but probably same distance when all is said and done.

If you can meat? Cat meat? Does it taste like chicken? Haha.

Meow is not a food!! I’m to cute to be eaten…

@hjsvhsweb I’ll dm you for meatup. Maybe meat outside the meatup? If you can drive that is …

@hjsvhsweb meow. So much snow…aiya… Sorry. Good luck if you’re commuting…

Have you succeed to repair your SKULPT CHISEL?

Ebay replacement just arrived, looks beat-up but battery charges and it works fine, at some point will try to get my original “fixed” if I didn’t destroy the pcb with too much heat trying to remove the batteries…

Are you looking to replace batteries in your own unit?