Need help finding the right wood slab

Hi all!

I have an Omar ikea shelving unit and I want to turn it into a tiny kitchen island/work surface. I am looking to cover it with a wooden top surface, something that at least looks like a real counter top. I was hoping to spend under $100 on the wood. Anybody have any suggestions for where to get a nice piece of wood at least 36x16x1.5 inch that I can just finish and attach to the top of this? The best I could find is this project board but it’s only 0.7 inches, so a little too thin for a countertop. Would love your thoughts!

Cheap option might be to check out local lumber supply places and ask for offcuts and then glue them up yourself? Also check out local furniture makers for offcuts too.

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Buy a used solid wood table from Craigslist and cut it to size.


Thanks all!