Need assistance determining number of hardware peripherals; Duplicate in 'Projects Category''

Good day folks

I am working on a project and would appreciate some assistance. I will be as transparent on this platform as possible in asking my question.

The project is a UAV that will have industry (commercial) application, and is definitely not intended for recreational use. I am having issues selecting microcontrollers and I believe this is due to my limited knowledge. I am more of an idea/visionary individual compared to technicals.

The MCU’s that I have come across have had at most 6 SPI, 6 I2C, and 6 UART ports. The issue is, for example, one of the four MCU’s that will be used requires (or I believe requires) up to 18 SPI ports. This led me to question whether I am reading the pin descriptions in the datasheets correctly. An example is the Bosch BMI088.

One of the goals of this project is compartmentalization. Group sensors together via one MCU, group thrusters together via one MCU…and on and on like that. Now the main IMU (BMI088) as I calculate will utilize ‘6 SPI pins’. Here is the problem.

In selecting an MCU, I first need to determine the hardware peripherals and their quantity. This is where I am running into trouble. I would prefer if a discussion on the phone, and a potential in person meeting with someone with above adequate knowledge were to happen. And I am willing to pay. There will be an NDA signed before releasing more information about the project. If anyone is up for the task let me know how we can make contact. There is a preference for a field application engineer.

I would greatly appreciate authenticity as there is and will be a lot of time and money dumped into this project, so I would need to be able to verify your abilities. The components to be used in the craft have been 90% selected. 90% because I anticipate additions/modifications. If we were to determine we can work together, I am open to considering bringing the right individual on board the entire project.

Thanks for the considerations and hope to get moving on this.


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