Need a small part 3D printed

Hey guys!

I am new here. I have a small part I need printed. It has to be out of some strong plastic that can withstand heat up to 120 deg c.

Anyone able to do it for me? I have built it in fusion 360, I just don’t have a printer and am new to town.

I have a link to the part on fusion 360s sharing link, but can’t post links here. I also have the file I can send.



120c is a tall order. Anything I can print gets really flexible at that temp.

If you can share link, I/we can give more advice, as there may be alternatives. You are restricted as a new user to post links and files. I’ll bump your level.

Depending how complex it is, perhaps it could be milled out of HDPE/UHMW/Nylon or similar? If you share the v360 file or a pic?

ASA may be a reasonable material to print from otherwise you may be looking at PEEK which is expensive and tough to print.

Here is the Link.

Thanks for the input. Most of the time this will sit at around 80 or 90 deg c, its only in the case that the engine overheats that this would get damaged. So if it can pretty well hold that temp, then I think we are good. I have had engine internals printed with ABS re-enforced with Carbon fiber chips, at least that’s what I remember. But that was when I lived on the Island. The original part is made from bakelite. A very old plastic technology!

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How tight are the tolerances? Let me know if you want to go the cnc milled route; it is a simple design, and I have some acetal rod here that would be a good material.

Ok, cost is a factor. Do you know how much? The offset on the bottom compared to the top is pretty important, within +/- 2 deg. Then, being a fairly small part, probably .2mm on the diameter or the parts. The vertical dimensions on the top can be within 1mm, and bottom .3 mm. The diameters are safer on the smaller side, so if it gets to small by a bit, that’s all fine. I am not sure if this all makes sense lol. But hopefully so.

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I send you a DM with my email. All the dimensions should be fine - the only variance would be the bottom slot where the radius meets the flats; I’d put a very tiny dogbone there so it seats with whatever cam it is mating with, but that shouldn’t interfere with its operation. I don’t charge for work or materials. As a hobby I enjoy working on youth projects, art projects, or anything I think looks fun or interesting.

Fun little project. Milled in nylon.

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