Ncix rip?


Anyone been buy any of there stores? I’m pretty certain they have gone under but havn’t been able to confirm 100%.

Wouldn’t surprise me though, Someone pointed out to me couple months ago that NCIX was showing serious signs of financial trouble.


The store in Richmond has been rebranded as computers Canada. Was there
this afternoon.




Article does I think hit it on the nail. They had too many stores and they seemed to spend a lot of money on them. GVRD maybe needed 3 not 7.

They definitely had a terrible website. Though actually come to think of it, can’t think of any computer store that really has a good one. Pretty sad when computer stores can’t make a easy to search and use website.


100% of the time I searched on newegg, then bought from NCIX.


NCIX was good if you knew what you needed. Their restocking fees were ridiculous and they eventually never had anything in stock but they were usually cheaper than neweg. I’ve bought a few work-related things - mostly an atx case and SSDs lately from memoryexpress. been great.


if you want a good video discussing the downfall the Linus Tips guy who used to be a C level there talks about the troubles near the end of one of his hour long web talks. i watched it, it was pretty informative.


I think that every time I go to Best Buy’s website. Home Depot has a better website than Best Buy does! Okay, maybe not better, but they have one search option that many other websites lack: an “in store” option.

I check online to see if a store has an item I want and if it is in stock at a store I can get to. I really want to refine my searches to “in store” but far too many websites have an “online only” option, but not an “in store” option.