My extruder for my monoprice select mini isn't heating up


How can I fix this? Thanks!



Hey Blair - what have you tried already? If you google there are some things out there that people suggest checking. I took a quick look and a few people mention a ribbon cable and checking that it is seated properly as well as a few other things.


I really haven’t tried anything other than turning it on and trying to preheat it. Honestly, I don’t know what a ribbon cable is. I’ll have a look. Thanks for helping.


I really don’t know what to do. I just see a bunch of wires. To me they look like they are connected. If I took a picture would you be able to advise me?


Hey Blair. I’m sure there are some dedicated forums or documentation for the Monoprice Select Mini?

You might have better luck asking there - There will be a lot of people that have had the same issues as you, and can help you work through them.


Is there a place in Vancouver that can fix it for me?


Bring it down on a Tuesday night and I can look at it.
Can’t promise that I can fix it though


Really? OMG! Thank you. I only went to VHS a couple of times and that was a couple of years ago. Can I still come by? And what time? I get off of work at 6pm.


I can’t make it tonight. Thank you for the offer though.



Would you fix my printer if I payed you? Or at least have a look at it.