More Parts & Stuff (Free)

Trying to clean up my garage…
Free bits and pieces for anyone that wants them…
First dibs to the Space if you want them for stock


Exterior alarm siren and strobe: Given to the Space
Lenovo E560 laptop: Given to @KittyCat


Belden 87777 wire: Given to the Space
24V2.5A Power Supply: Given to @lukecyca
RC Toy Car: Given to @3bien

*Linksys WRT54G & WRT54GL: Given to @TyIsI *
SmallHeat Gun: Given to @TyIsI
Banana Plugs: Given to the Space


12v 5.5A Power Supplies: Given to the Space
Car USB Power Adapters: Given to the Space


10K Thermistors with 10 foot cable: Given to the Space
12V 2.5A Wall Wart Power Supplies : Given to the Space

I would like the 24V2.5A Power Supply please!

I’m interested in the wire, 12v power supplies, thermistors, alarm siren, and banana plugs for the space. We have space in the bins at VHS to organize them into our communal stock of parts.


@lukecyca - Gave the power supply to your contractor
@JohnC - Will drop off the stuff today if you are around to accept it (will need a box to put it in)

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I’ll take the APs and the heatgun

I’m not in today, but if you put it in a box I’ll get to it in a few days. There are some empty milk crates in the electronics area

I’ll take the RC car if still available.

Interested in laptop

All is spoken for…
Will drop off this weekend…


@TyIsI, @KittyCat - your stuff is on top of the rack in the server room
@JohnC - bags of stuff in the green tote in front of the parts shelves…