Model painting beginner set up for free

Fellow nerds! I have a beginners painting set up for painting Warhammer or other models and I want to declutter my room. If anyone wants it I’ll bring it in sometime and you can have it for free on the condition that you are actually going to use it.

It consists of the army painter beginner set (plus bronze paint), some cheap brushes and a mostly unused wet pallet.

I would very much use this, I’ve been putting off painting my heroforge prints because I didn’t have any quickwash, or basic colors, and didn’t know where to start;

Also, I have this whole kickstarter worth of 28mm figures with detachable metal hands that I need to get around to painting one day…

If you are interested, I and another member build models at the space on Sunday mornings. Sometimes another friend joins us to paint his gaming figs.

thanks for the invite! I don’t always have my Sunday mornings free, but I’ll try to come out for one of these, for sure. :slight_smile:

Also @ben i want to mention that I want these for convenience, but if anyone else is interested in the paints and wouldnt otherwise be able to get their own, I’d be happy to let them benefit from your generosity instead. :slight_smile:

@Gavitron they’re yours! I’ll bring them in with me today and leave them in the space with your name on it so you can collect. I’ll DM you the details on slack.