Missing wrenches


So I noticed that our really nice wrench sets are missing some wrenches!I am honestly not sure how we can remind people to please put your tools away im the proper bins. Its frustrating whwn you need the one wrench and its gone from a set that was 100% complete jist months ago. So jist a friendly reminder. If anyone kbows where’s its at, thats wpuld be amazing! Thanks


That is gut-wrenching!


Jokes aside, when one is working, keeping the tools in a bag/box helps to keep track of them.




Looks like this was for a while then cause I noticed that a few month ago…


There is a bin of misc wrenches near the screw drivers. Some of them are probably in there.


So update on the wrenches…all found except the 20mm. They were all in the bins by the cnc machine.


Well done all! Let’s hope we can keep them together going forward.


Good work on finding these.

I think we should get a set just for the lathe CNC machines and paint them some color (Green?). They are used frequently there and will most likely just end up back there again.



Great idea, some silicon tape might will work as well…


I totally agree. Every area really should have its own tools for that station.


I have a weird compulsion to organize things. I’ve been eyeing up the fasteners section after being unable to find anything.

[How cool would it be to hookup a part-picker to the fasteners with a small display to choose your parts?]

I’m just going to say, things are pretty useless if you can’t find them when needed. VHS is doing pretty damn good in light of its horizontal structure and the tragedy of the commons. That said, it’s pretty obvious the current system is a bit lacking in buy-in from the membership base.

I guess that’s all to say, I’m happy to join whatever team is in charge of space management.


Great Idea!

For clarity and keeping discussions focused perhaps create a new Talk post for “Organizing the VHS fasters section” with a link to this “Missing Wrenches” post if you want to reference it.