Micro Hydro in Ecuador: connecting varying AC output to tablets, iphones power adapters, impacts?


Hey everyone, I think a few of you have off grid setups.

Some folks I know have installed a PowerPal micro hydro device generating 110V AC and are worried/wondering about impacts to laptops/smartphones due to the variability of the stream flow and resulting power output. They have installed the included Electronic Load controller.

I suggested that most adapters now are rated for like 100-240VAC and that any variation in V in that range is handled by the circuitry within the adapter, hence the ability to charge you devices in Zimbabwe or Timbuktu where rural power is dodgy.

They are wondering if a surge protector is warranted, so any thoughts or comments appreciated. Also its 250W, but I dont know what the average daily output level is. Looking at a variety of my adapters, Im finding that 25W is typical. Im suggesting to them to add up their devices and make sure the load doesnt exceed the power out, so that it doesnt drag down the output voltage. Does anyone know if V drops below say 100 what the impacts to adapters and devices might be. Im thinking that charging will just stop until it rises back up.

Such is the nature of wild hydro!



Does anyone know if Farrell, got some small scale power stuff going?


@toptekkie ?


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