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I was wondering if anyone in the space has some experience setting up an instance in Mastodon?

My Linux knowledge is extremely limited. I was wondering if it was an easier way to do it.



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Disclaimer: I have yet to install a personal Mastodon server.

Do you have your own hardware? Will this be on-premise or are you looking to get a server for this?

In the case of the latter, Digital Ocean has pre-configured Droplet (VPS):

If you’re comfortable getting acquainted with Docker, this one looks awesome and way easier:

Wow, that’s awesome! Thanks so much for all the information.

I’ll definitely look into this.

I was wondering if it would be a cool project to setup a mastodon.vhs instance, wouldn’t it?



I think that while it would be cool to set up a server for VHSers, at the end of the day we already have a lot of platforms and adding more might be too much for the community.

As a VHS hosted instance, maybe?

This might be a cool workshop idea though!

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