Manual lathe training


Hi, I wonder if I could be trained to use the lathe.
I need to remove a thin layer of a rod (8.8mm ->8.3 mm) so that it could fit a linear ball bearing. The material of the rod is steel. I also would like to learn how to drill holes in the center of the rod.

@rsim @Gear105

Thank you in advance for helping


Thank yo Emerson, I would love to join in as well.


Hello, @Emerson @Rebel_without_Clause
Unfortunately I am unable to train anyone on the lathe for the foreseeable future.


Wondering where the four jaw chuck for the lathe is, currently only a three jaw is installed


Should be on the lathe base in the plastic yellow bag.



Looking for lathe training as well!



Thank you Stefan, I am looking for the manual lathe training as well.


I’d definitely be up for this too.



@Emerson @Stefan @Rebel_without_Clause @hughl87 I can run a training session on Sunday (July 9th) from 9am-2pm (it might finish up an hour or so earlier, depending on how things go - but leave the full 5 hours open as it is often necessary). Please let me know if you can attend.


Hi Richard, thank you so much for your time. Yes, I would like to attend. See you on Sunday.


Count me in! Thank you very much Richard!


Thank you Richard!
I would love to attend on Sunday (July 9th).


Yeah that works for me. Thanks


Hi Richard, just checking we’re still going ahead tomorrow?




Yep! See you all then. Just a heads up that you’ll have to remove any jewelry for the training (and whenever using the lathe),


@Emerson @Stefan @Rebel_without_Clause @hughl87 - I’m running a bit behind sorry; I’ll be about 20 mins late! See you all shortly.


Great workshop!
Thank you Richard!


Thank you Richard! Excellent training!


Thanks @rsim, very helpful class.

It looks like someone has used the exact same machine for metal spinning just with a different cross slide setup

Someones also tried it on a basic wood lathe