Making Stuff


Like everyone in the group I like to make stuff.
Last Sunday I had some spare time and thought I’d tackle a project I had been meaning to do for some time. Make a shoe rack for by the back door. Simple enough. Drew up a quick plan - lets go!

So I moved the cars out of the garage.
Moved stuff around to get out my table saw.
Make a quick bench out of saw horses and an old door.
I have a few cedar boards left from a reno when we ripped them out of our basement.
I grabbed a few and ripped them to width, then picked some for the sides and shelves, cut them to length.
Naturally I wanted to cut dados for the shelves, so off came the guard etc. Being that there were only 4 to cut I didn’t bother with my dado blade and just did multiple cuts with the regular 1/8" blade.
It all went well until the final cut where the wood moved and ruined the dado. So I find another board, measure, cut to length and cut the dados.

Ready for assembly I try find my wood glue. When I finally find it I break the bottle opening it only to find the glue is pretty much done. I cut a small stick to get the glue out and start to assemble everything only to find the shelves are either too tight or too loose, nothing is fitting.
So over 2 hours into it I toss the glue in the garbage, put the board in the “I’ll never use them” pile, sweep up a ton of saw dust, put all my tools and table saw away. Put my wife’s car back in the garage, go into the house and grab my wallet, jump into my car and drive down to Canadian Tire where I found the perfect shoe rack for $35.00
Get home and have it assembled in 5 minutes and fill of shoes and boots a minute later…
Some times you have to know when to call it quits!