Making room for the wood shop


Well just an update on all the work we have done so far, id first off like to thank @hughl87, @lukecyca , @Logan_Buchy and @Bobster747. Without your help none of this would work.
All i wanted to do was cut some wood…well we all know how challenging that can be in tghat small space!
So things we have been working on:
1)Cleared out all tools not being used
2) Removed doubles of tools. (we have 4 mini grinders 4.5")
3) Cleared away the top shelf.
4) Brought some of the metal scrap in for recycle.

We have a long ways to go, So if anyone can assist tomorrow that would be amazing! Ill be there around 230 pm just as the workshop is winding down.


I just wanted to say, the shop is starting to look so much better; thanks for all the work!


Wow to many people got in there and got it done! Just forgot @Emerson!