Maker Mobile Fundraiser - please donate if you can


If you can, please consider donating to the Maker Mobile fundraiser. They’re good friends of VHS and have done a lot for us over the years. This fundraiser is to replacement equipment that was recently stolen from the van. Thanks!


Ugh. First thing that comes to mind: any way to have a more secure vehicle?


They’ve struggled to find a location to keep their van. I believe it’s the same location as the vivo break-in in May.


This is such a shame because that Maker Mobile truck is such a magical place that is everything that VHS is all about. Does VHS or any of its members have any of the items they need to replace? Here’s the list:

Workshop Tools
Two - Geeetech MeCreator 2 3D Printers
HOME DF107 Refrigerator
Comfee A/C Unit
12VDC Compact Air Compressor
Dell PC Keyboard
Samsung USB Modem in box
3D Printer Filament
Large White Tarpaulin
Pair of FRS Radios
Five - Dell Laptop PC Power Supplies
Shark Vacuum cleaner
MALL Electric drill
Dremel drill and press
Samsung ML-1855 Laser Printer
Roland Stereo PC Speaker set
Epson VGA LCD Projector
Box of Five Digital Multimeters
Hair Blow Drier
Four - Dell Laptop PC’s
One - Apple Macbook PC

If so, please contact them at and arrange a way to get it to them. Let’s restore this beautiful place so that it’s even better than before!


@toptekkie sending you a PM, we might have a 3d printer for you


I wonder if freegeek may be able to cover many of the small electronics, maybe even laptops, what was the guys name from VMMF?


That’s very generous.

I think you want to talk to Simon (UK accent?), Farrell (South Africa accent) has moved to the interior.


Chatted with Farrell today FreeGeek is on his radar. :slight_smile:


Just bumping this.