Maker Faire 2018


Does anyone know what’s happening with the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire 2018? I’ve received no emails about applications, their website says nothing about 2018 and the cutoff for applications is usually around now.


From Vancouver Maker Foundation Facebook group:

Dear Maker Community,

For over 7 years, Vancouver Maker Foundation has brought together a broad range of Vancouver artists, hobbyists, creatives, collectives, and small businesses through events and projects including the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire, Maker Music, the Young Makers Program, the Vancouver Maker Education Meetup Group. However, as we enter 2018, Vancouver Maker Foundation solemnly announces its closure and will be taking a break knowing it has achieved what it set out to do; to build a strong and vibrant community of makers in the City of Vancouver.

With this closure, the Board would like to extend its sincerest gratitude to all those who have assisted in making the Foundation and its events an unforgettable experience. The volunteers, makers, and all those involved have made this community what it is today.

This is not a goodbye, but a see you soon; the legacy of Vancouver Maker Foundation will continue through the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire. However, VMMF will be taking some time off to recoup and restructure. Keep an eye on the social media feeds for future plans!

The Vancouver Maker Foundation and the VMMF Organizing Team

Vancouver Mini Maker Faire will return at a future date, in a restructured and re-vamped form. We hope you’ll continue to be part of our VMMF family in the years to come! There is no scheduled meet-up event just yet, but please fill out this form if you’d like to share your thoughts on what might be next for making in Vancouver, and what a next event could look like.…/1FAIpQLScIIJdnbl0ndHOVna…/viewform


Sorry Steve, but it’s been cancelled permanently:


Thanks for the update. It’s a bit disappointing but hopefully they’ll re-org and be back. I think a non-summer event would be better for attendance and participation.


There’s World Create Day on March 17th:


Brigitte Stroud who was (one of) the VMMF organizer(s) is hosting/organizing another maker event this year but I don’t have the details on hand (at work)


This may be the one I was thinking of. I can’t remember for certain now.