Maker Cube for Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Hey guys!

Super excited to announce that my business partners and I have been selected as finalists to win this year’s Futurepreneur Canada “Entrepreneur of the Year” Award for creating Maker Cube.

As it’s been a long two years building one of the largest makerspaces in BC and it would be an incredible honor to receive this kind of recognition nation-wide, but we need your help!
Please click on the link below to select “Maker Cube” in the Entrepreneur of the Year category and help us share this link to get the word out there!
*also side note it only says Jacqueline in the category but please know this award will be going to all three of us! :+1:


congrats on making the shortlist, @Gonazar

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I’m proud to announce that the Maker Cube team has won the Futurepreneur Canada - Entrepreneur of the Year Award! Thank you everyone for the support!